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Key Risk Indicators (KRI) for Investment Banking Indicators

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KRI (Key Risk Indicators) allows BI professionals from the Financial area measure and control business risks.

KRI for Financial business niche

The KRI for Investment Banking Indicators may address such indicators as:

  • financial perspective
  • % of investments that fetched roi
  • equal to or more than the expected value
  • proportion of revenue brought by each service offered
  • average rise in investment: revenue ratio
  • maximum drop experienced in roi
  • risk perspective
  • tier i capital
  • capital adequacy ratio
  • % of portfolios with fatter tails in the return distribution
  • number of instances when restructuring was done in the organization
  • internal operations perspective
  • number of services offered
  • frequency of revising performance evaluation and reward systems
  • fraction of revenue brought by the intellectual capital housed in the organization
  • number of alliances or joint ventures with global top players
  • growth perspective
  • rise in competitive position in last 5 years
  • rate of expansion
  • % increase in the contribution of each service
  • customer concentration ratio

Why BI and risk specialists from the Financial should KRI toolkit and indicators?

Key Risk indicators allows to estimate and control business risks..

Try the KRI Toolkit from Financial Estimation you will learn how to:

  • build and use KRI;
  • KRI: do-s and don’ts
  • you'll have ready to use KRI template;
  • you'll learn about practical application of KRI;
  • toolkit includes KRI vs. KPI and Balanced Scorecard;
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