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Software Development Balanced Scorecard Metrics Pack

The pack includes 4 Software Development metrics:

  • Web Application Testing. ‘Performance tracking’ is an important part of testing any software and web application. This is because one has to strike a ‘profitable’ balance between the ‘delivery’ and ‘techniques at hand’. To make sure that all aspects are looked after equally, a BSC can be structured by analyzing the factors which have a bearing on the internal or external environment. To start with, one can utilize groups of indicators like, ‘Load Testing’, ‘Stress Testing’, ‘Quality Perspective’ and ‘Structure Perspective’.

  • Functional Software Testing.
    Functional software testing might not be an authentic and full-proof method but it definitely can be used to recognize the major flaws and bugs of a software system. Software testing is generally initiated to keep a check on the performance of software and assure its reliability. KPIs in this regard can be formalized under four major perspectives- Quality assurance and resource allocation, Testing and Performance, Testing methods, and Testing skills and learning.
  • Software Design. Software Design encompasses myriad elements which range from considering basic aspects such as reusability, robustness and security to the judicious choice of modelling language and design patterns. All this is done to arrive at a logical and substantial conclusion, by filtering the choices, on some grounds and this can be achieved, by structuring indicators under various categories like Quality, Exception Handling and Operations, Logical Size and Design Efforts.
  • Programming. Programming and Coding of software typically involve several technical elements that have an effect on the final outcome. The numerous technical issues involved in this subject can be pulled together by using indicators framed under directions -that matter-. The four perspectives can be- -Analyzing the Software Programming Process-, -Coding Evaluation Perspective-, -Performance Perspective- and -Assessing output of software programming and coding outcome-.

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