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Employees Management and Improvement Scorecards

Understanding how efficient your employees perform is critical to your business. Every year, thousands of businesses lose millions of dollars in revenue due to inefficient employees.

Now you can know exactly how productive your workforce is. With our Employee Management and Improvement score cards you can easily track employee efficiency and performance statistics.

From new hires to long time mangers, easily monitor KPI (Key Performance Indicators), identify and retrain problem employees, and streamline your overall business.

  • Personal Scorecards: Closely monitor individual employee productivity, identify critical tasks and overall employee performance.
  • Human Resources Scorecards: Allows management to closely monitor all human resources aspects related to the company. Monitor HR performance metrics from hire to retire.
  • Education Scorecards: Easily monitor results from employee education and training programs. Track training effectiveness, employee progress, and other important education metrics with ease.
Our Employee Management and Improvement Scorecards allow you to analyze critical business metrics and streamline your operation for maximum profitability.

We provide all of the tools that you need to effectively streamline your human resources department and to make sure that you are utilizing your personnel in the most efficient manner possible.


The trial version contains trial versions of all scorecards included into the pack.

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If you would purchase all metrics separately, you would pay 1350$, the Employees Management and Improvement Scorecards costs 499$, you save 851$, e.g. 63%.

Employees Management and Improvement Scorecards includes:

HR Metrics: HR, HR Hire, HR Training, Leadership, Motivation, HR Outsourcing, Awards, Retirement, Training Pack.

Communications Metrics: Communication Measurements, Cell Phone, Internet Access, VOIP.

Personal Metrics: Productivity, Innovations, Time Management, Trade Show, Personal Finance.

Education Metrics: Education, Academic Research, Certification, University Scorecard, School Management.

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