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Balanced Scorecard Toolkit

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  • What is Balanced Scorecard

  • Getting benefit of Balanced Scorecard

  • Examining company

  • Building Balanced Scorecard

  • Implementing Balanced Scorecard

  • Use Balanced Scorecard to improve business performance

  • Examining company after Balanced Scorecard implementation and usage

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Summary: The Balanced Scorecard Toolkit reviews the history of Balanced Scorecard concept, compares this concept with other management concepts, gives a detailed ideas on how to develop, implement and use Balanced Scorecard to improve business productivity.

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Slide 3. What is Balanced Scorecard.  

Slide 9. Problems that Balanced Scorecard helps to solve.

Slide 15. Changes in the measures of Organizational Performance with time

Presentation Content by Slides:

  1. Balanced Scorecard Toolkit

  2. Scorecard Toolkit Content

  3. What is Balanced Scorecard

  4. Balanced Scorecard in business

  5. Balanced Scorecard Perspectives

  6. Balanced Scorecard Basics

  7. Definition of Balanced Scorecard

  8. Why scorecard is “balanced”?

  9. Problems that Balanced Scorecard helps to solve

  10. Balanced Scorecard Solving business management problems

  11. 4 default perspectives of Balanced Scorecard and the basics of using them. Scheme.

  12. 4 default perspectives of Balanced Scorecard and the basics of using them

  13. Scorecard History. Improving performance.

  14. Scorecard History. Balanced Scorecard today.

  15. Changes in the measures of Organizational Performance with time

  16. Who create the concept first?

  17. Book “The Balanced Scorecard”

  18. BSC Method Competitors

  19. BSC vs. Business Excellence Model

  20. BSC vs. Business Excellence Model

  21. BSC vs. Performance Prism

  22. BSC vs. AIE

  23. Terminology in Balanced Scorecard

  24. Balanced Scorecard Definitions

  25. What are Metrics, KPIs and BSC?

  26. Comparison between BSC, KPIs and Metrics

  27. Who and how may benefit form using Balanced Scorecard

  28. Balanced Scorecard Stakeholders

  29. Business Owners’ viewpoint

  30. Top Managers’ viewpoint

  31. Employees’ viewpoint

  32. Examining Company before Scorecard Implementation

  33. Examining Company. Company management.

  34. What Processes should be examined

  35. Business processes in Balanced Scorecard

  36. How to examine business processes for Balanced Scorecard

  37. Special attention Balanced Scorecard checklist

  38. Analyzing processes from 4 viewpoints

  39. Financial perspective

  40. Customer perspective

  41. Internal process perspective

  42. Education and growth perspective


  1. Building Scorecards

  2. Building Scorecard - Case Study

  3. Building Scorecard – Business Impact

  4. Defining Key Performance Indicators

  5. All indicators should be numerical

  6. Target values for KPIs

  7. Grouping Indicators

  8. The sum of indicators should cover 90% or more of business that they describe

  9. Indicators should not repeat each other

  10. Indicators should be grouped in 4 perspectives

  11. Weighting indicators and calculating the total

  12. Each perspective and each indicator should have relative weight

  13. Calculating the total performance taking in account indicators' weights and values

  14. Balanced Scorecard Designer software

  15. Implementing BSC

  16. Implementing BSC. Scheme.

  17. Phases of Balanced Scorecard Implementation

  18. Implementing Balanced Scorecard – Typical Mistakes

  19. Balanced Scorecard Implementation Success Factors

  20. Defining Input and Output data channels, depending on viewpoint

  21. How do owner get information from Balanced Scorecard?

  22. How does owner share his vision with management using Balanced Scorecard

  23. CEO uses information from Balanced Scorecard

  24. CEO sending information to Balanced Scorecard

  25. Inputs for other employees, analysis of current data and business system

  26. Other Employees: output data channels

  27. Using Scorecard to improve performance

  28. Owner Communications based on BSC indicators

  29. CEO communications based on balanced scorecard indicators

  30. Other Employees’ communication based on BSC indicators

  31. Examining company after scorecard implementation

  32. Analysis of compare in terms of performance change

  33. Balanced Scorecard implementation results in terms of employees involvement

  34. Balanced Scorecard Implementation results in terms of business units and processes involvement

  35. Company performance change examining checklist

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