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Call Center or customer service Balanced Scorecard Template

Call Center Measurement KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example

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The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) dashboard indicates performance within each perspective and the total performance of Call-Center.

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Managers in call center are typically the best sales agents in your company, they are on front line, taking to customers, solving their problems, selling new products and services to them.

It is important to know what is going well and what need to be improved. We have designed a Call Center Balanced Scorecard, this solution will help to measure and control the performance of call center or phone-based customer service using Balanced Scorecard metrics.

Scorecard as it exists today can be used for both - low level management performance measurements, and controlling performance from top-manager viewpoint - all stakeholders involved in call center management process will get a clear view on how it is doing.

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What are benefits of Call-Center metric:

  • Call center evaluation is usually a part of customer relationships assessment.
  • Cost per call, time to respond, one and done calls ratio are typical measures within this category.
  • A good balance between quantity and quality of handled calls should be observed.
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Call Center Balanced Scorecard is distributed as an Excel file. Before purchase download a trial version of the scorecard. Immediately after purchase you will have a link to download Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Excel file and file in BSC Designer format.

More ideas on using Call-Center KPI:

Operations that take place at call centers are a unique set of activities that is defined by similar theories and terminology. The collection of challenges that are identified with this 'after-sales' service sector relate to management, technology and staffing subjects.

One needs to develop a sufficiently good knowledge about the various aspects involved in this act of customer service to appropriately tackle the issues that keep coming every now and then.

One can tame the slippery areas by structuring relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on a call center scorecard. This helps in having a tracking tool that has all the important areas in the form of indicators to which 'target' and 'actual' values can be assigned.

Some of the metrics that can be incorporated should relate to the service level and response time at the place.

There are basically two kinds of calls that are made by the phone operators- inbound and outbound. Inbound are the ones that are done by customers for having information about the operations, thereby giving it the shape of help-desk. Outbound calls are the ones made to people for the purpose of selling products or services to them. Managing the operations at call center gets much simplified by going with the scorecard approach.

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Call Center Balanced Scorecard Screenshots

This is the actual scorecard with Helpdesk Metrics and performance indicators.

Metrics for Call-center Measurement. This is the actual scorecard with Helpdesk Metrics and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: Revenue per successful call, Cost per call, Average call-handling time, Coaching time, Response time quality.

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