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Hotel and Inn Management Balanced Scorecard Metrics Template

Hotel and Inn Management scorecard KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example KPIs are employed by organizations to keep a track of the direction it is heading into. These can be formulated in various areas, which are of significant value to the business.

Financial Perspective generally forms a part of the BSC (Balanced scorecard) and with regard to hotel management the others may relate to Customer perspective, Efficiency and Staff perspective.

Financial Perspective is to keep the organization running, in monetary terms. It can be obtained by using parameters like wage costs as a % of sales, annual operating profit per room, , food costs as a percentage of food sales and % increase in labor costs.

Customer Perspective is to have a means to know how the organization is faring in terms of providing value to the end-users. The indicators hat can help are number of feedbacks, number of complaints received, response rate and frequent customers as a % of total customers.

Efficiency can be judged from % of room booked through reservation channels, internet bookings, rate of room occupancy, rate of sales inquiry conversion and average length of stay.

Staff Perspective is yet another ingredient that deserves consideration. Staff turnover, technological competence of staff, average length of employment and number of training sessions are the indicators that can be used to derive the organizational picture from the view point of the staff.


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Hotels form a major chunk of a nation's hospitality industry. People visiting a given country from other lands get a glimpse of the standard of living managed by the residents through the services provided by hotels housed there.

Such a reality makes it important to effectively manage the operations of hotels. People have often utilized Balanced Scorecard for achieving this aim. This management strategy rests on the fact that both financial and non-financial indicators create an apt mix to be used for gauging the performance of a process or an organization. Actual usage involves setting metrics 'that count' for appropriate assessment of the way in which management is heading. Such a 'calculative' mode of proceeding eliminates the often 'subjective and qualitative issues' that tend to creep into the picture, sooner or later.

Some of the areas that can be looked into relate to 'financial', 'customer', 'internal operations' and 'learning and growth', when it comes to managing hotels.

By constructing such a tool to reflect the 'way things have been going on' in the place, it is possible to improve the processes and ensure that growth prospects are laid in concrete and real manner rather than shaping castles in air. In all, fruitful management of hotels can be accomplished with BSC.

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Hotel Management Estimation Balanced Scoreboard Screenshots

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) dashboard indicates performance within each perspective and the total performance of .

This is the actual scorecard with Hotel Management Indicators and performance indicators.

Metrics for Estate Evaluation

This is the actual scorecard with Hotel Management Indicators and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: financial perspective,wage costs as a % of total sales,annual operating profit per room,food cost as a % of food sales,% increase in labor costs,customer perspective,number of positive feedbacks,number of complaints received,response rate,frequent customers as a % of total customers,efficiency,% of room booked through reservation channels,internet bookings,room occupancy,rate of sales inquiry conversion,average length of stay,staff perspective,staff turnover,technological competence of staff,average length of employment,number of training sessions.

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