Restaurant Estimation Balanced Scoreboard metrics template for Excel

Restaurant Balanced Scorecard Metrics Template

Restaurant measuring KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example

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The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) dashboard indicates performance within each perspective and the total performance of Management.

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While operating an restaurant one needs to pay attention to everything right from something as basic as 'designing a menu' to something as innovative as 'developing a competitive edge by providing the desired ambience to the place'.

The aspects that should be considered by an owner or manager of an eating point are- Financial Perspective, Visitors' Experience and Service, Kitchen Management and Marketing and Sales Perspective.

Financial aspect can be had with KPIs like 'wage costs: sales', 'annual revenue generated', 'percentage increase in per order or per customer revenue', 'per seat hour revenue' and 'net earnings rise'.

Kitchen Management can be had with 'number of kitchen hours', 'stock turnover rate', 'food costs borne on per head basis' and 'costs of kitchen linen'.

Visitors' experience and service perspective can be attained with indicators such as- 'number of food or service quality complaints', 'frequency of visits by top 100 or 200 customers', 'reference customers raise' and 'drop in time lag'.

Lastly, Marketing and sales perspective shows the efforts of the restaurant for popularizing the eating place. The KPIs in this regard can be had using parameters 'response rate', 'percentage increase in number of bookings on week-ends', 'press mentions' and 'sales query conversion rate'.


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What are benefits of Restaurant metric:

  • Restaurant Balanced Scorecard has a classical model with the conventional perspectives. Revenue per customer, total revenue, index of most profitable dishes are among common financial KPIs.
  • Customer satisfaction is all important in a restaurant, so it is imperative to measure it on a regular basis.
  • Internal processes concern cleaning, logistics and supply, kitchen procedures.
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Restaurant Estimation Balanced Scoreboard Screenshots

This is the actual scorecard with Restaurant Measures and performance indicators.

Metrics for Management Estimation. This is the actual scorecard with Restaurant Measures and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: financial perspective,wage costs: sales,annual revenue generated,net earnings rise,per seat hour revenue’ available,percentage increase in per order or per customer’ revenue,visitors’ experience and service perspective,number of food or service quality complaints,frequency of visits by top 100 or 200 customers,‘reference customers’ rise,drop in time-lag,kitchen management perspective,number of kitchen hours,costs of kitchen linen,stock turnover rate,food cost borne on per head basis,marketing and sales perspective,response rate,percentage increase in the ‘number of bookings’ on week-ends,press mentions,sales query conversion rate.

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