IT Security Balanced Scorecard metrics template for Excel

IT Security Metrics Scorecard Template for Excel to measure performance, benchmark, build KPI system

Measurement of IT Security KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example

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IT Security Metrics Balanced Scorecard for Excel will help to measure and control the performance of IT Security department using Balanced Scorecard metrics. It will help to design a KPI system for IT security unit, benchmark your IT department, evaluate and train your security staff better.

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What are benefits of IT Security metric:

  • IT security evaluation is a process often a part of the general security measures taken by companies possessing sensitive commercial info.
  • Number of security checks and revisions is a typical indicator for IT security. Simulation of hacker attacks and their evaluation can also be helpful.
  • Investment in IT security and evaluation of such expenses will help better manage budgets.
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More ideas on using IT Security KPI:

'Information' is one of the strongest pillars on which an organization rests. Ensuring that this asset is kept intact and is accessible to only those who are 'supposed' to receive it is one of the duties of IT security department. This is of extreme significance as often the reason for situations going 'out of control' is the lack of checks on 'inlets' and 'outlets' of information. A crucial piece of information if reaches the hands of competitors can be the last nail in coffin and turn surroundings hostile in no time.

Heading on, measuring the performance of IT security department in any organization is of utmost importance to any 'ambitious' group. The staff members of the division of information technology are to be extremely efficient in discharging their duties and responsibilities.

This has sent numerous firms go for construction of a balanced scorecard to attain these 'monitoring aims' of information protection. One can collect sets of metrics/ indicators under the categories thought to be useful for judging the progress of the IT wing.

Such a strategy also makes it possible to implement the 'growth policies' to provide better training to the IT security staff members.

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IT Security Balanced Scorecard Screenshots

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) dashboard indicates performance within each perspective and the total performance of Security.

This is the actual scorecard with Security Metrics and performance indicators.

Metrics for Computer Security Measurement. This is the actual scorecard with Security Metrics and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: Security Awareness, Logical Access Controls, Anti-virus and spyware protection, Security Controls.

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