Social Responsibility Estimation Balanced Scorecard metrics template for Excel

Social Responsibility Balanced Scorecard Metrics Template

Social Responsibility measuring KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example

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Organizations are increasingly aspiring to become a good corporate citizen by involving in activities like the ones to exhibit Business Social Responsibility (BSR). KPIs are utilized as a means to attain holistic view of the organization via the values assigned to parameters and play a key role in evaluating BSR initiatives.

The Balanced Score Card (BSC) for evaluating social responsibility is prepared in an organization specific manner by taking care of the prevalent trends. Indicators can be structured to have perspectives like that of Employee Perspective, Environmental Perspective, Social Policies Followed and Management Perspective.

Employee Perspective can be evaluated from measures like Health and Safety, Diversity Supportive Ratio, Respect Ratio and Satisfaction Ratio. All this goes into ensuring that apt surroundings are provided to the workers.

Environmental Perspective can be had from the degree of Product Recycling, Green house gas Emissions and Efficiency in Energy usage. This is put in the BSC to dilute the damage to physical environment to the extent possible.

Social Activities can be measured with Social contribution, Strategic Partners, Responsibility Percentage and Time spent in volunteering. This helps us to know how far the management has succeeded.

Besides these, Management Perspective is also gauged using indicators such as Recognition Achieved, Effectiveness in Communication and Management Initiatives. Efforts in this direction are to keep the managerial clan involved in acts of Business Social Responsibility.

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What are benefits of Social Responsibility metric:

  • Social responsibility of business means participation in the community life and investments in local infrastructure. Managers often evaluate total number of non commercial projects the company participates in, or total number of local community events.
  • Environmental protection KPIs are an inseparable part of the social responsibility Balanced Scorecard. Recycling, gas emissions and efficiency of energy use should be thoroughly measured.
  • Volunteering efforts also require some attention.
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More ideas on using Social Responsibility KPI:

According to ethical theory, every entity, be it an individual or organization or government owes certain responsibility towards society. This is because society helps them attain what they desire and deserve. Consequently, it becomes logical that some returns are provided to the society also.

In a quest to distinguish oneself from the crowd, companies are increasingly looking for newer options. One such method that has paid tremendously is 'developing or increasing the sense of social responsibility'.

Such good deeds contribute significantly in helping organizations sketch a picture 'that connects with the clients'. Such 'positive image creation' demands infusion of funds for conducting studies as to know the ways by which they attain this objective.

However, to draw maximum benefits from this act of 'showing societal responsibility, one needs to structure sets of useful and relevant metrics. This helps them render a 'quantitative' touch to the whole process. By collecting these indicators called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on a Balanced Scorecard (BSC), one can easily evaluate the procedure and steps being undertaken to make a mark in 'social responsibility area'.

Ending it all, by choosing relevant set of indicators one can smoothly devise route for 'en-cashing' social responsibility acts.

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Social Responsibility Estimation Balanced Scorecard Screenshots

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) dashboard indicates performance within each perspective and the total performance of Business.

This is the actual scorecard with Social Responsibility Dashboard and performance indicators.

Metrics for Business management Evaluation. This is the actual scorecard with Social Responsibility Dashboard and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: employee perspective,health and security,diversity supportive ratio,respect ratio,satisfaction ratio,environmental perspective,product recycling,green house gas emissions,quantity of waste,efficiency in energy usage,social policies followed,social contribution,strategic partners,responsibility percentage,time spent in volunteering,management perspective,management initiatives,recognition achieved,effectiveness in communication,number of social activities.

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