Energy Balanced Scorecard Metrics Pack

The Energy metrics pack includes Gas and Oil production scorecard. These two scorecards were designed to help with measuring and improving the performance of gas and oil production companies.

Gas scorecard include “Operations Indicators” category, which gives basic performance indicators such as “Pipeline Length” and “Gas Transmission Volume”.

The separate category is assigned to EH&S Indicators, e.g. indicators which help to measure Employee Health and Safety issues. Another category contains environment-related indicators, such as “Reportable Spills” and “Waste Disposal”.

Oil production scorecard is focused on measuring and controlling oil production performance. Key indicators are “Finding and Development Costs”, “Production costs per barrel” as well as indicators related to Environmental Perspective, such as “Green House Gas Emissions”.

The pack includes 7 Energy metrics:

Price and ordering

Articles related to Energy:

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