Transportation Balanced Scorecard Metrics Pack

Transportation, supply chain and logistics scorecards help to estimate and control transport and delivery-related efficiency.

The category contains four scorecards: “Transportation Scorecard”, “Supply Chain”, “Global Logistics”, “Inventory and Warehousing”.

The transportation scorecard measures transportation efficiency of low level, giving indicators that individual transportation companies can use. Check the names of some metrics: “Frequency of damage”, “Dollar value per order”, “Orders picked per hour”.

The Supply Chain scorecard focuses on middle-level transportation problem, giving company management ability to measure and control performance of business related to transportation. This scorecard includes various indicators from “Manufacturing Cycle Time” to “On time pickups”.

The “Global Logistics” scorecard is a high-level transportation evaluation tool, which CEO could use to evaluate the performance of company global logistics network. Some global indicators are “Avg. vessel turnaround time”, “Inland freight cost”, “Damage or pilferage”.

“Inventory and Warehousing” scorecard is a good to for measuring and controlling performance of inventory assets. It can be used with other transportation and supply chain scorecard to give CEO more precise view over the logistics processes in the company.

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The pack includes 7 Transportation metrics:

Price and ordering

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