Marketing and PR in Business

Are you using your marketing and public relations resources in the most effective manner possible? If not, your business could be leaving untold amounts of money on the table. Inefficient marketing and public relations practices can have a huge impact on your businesses bottom line.

Understanding how to properly evaluate marketing and public relations metrics and then streamlining your efforts to maximize efficiency can be one of the easiest, yet most often overlooked aspects of saving your business money.

With our Marketing and Public Relations Scorecards you can get a realistic grasp on just how effective your individual marketing and public relations campaigns really are. They'll help you to invest more into the campaigns that benefit your business as well as do away with wasteful spending.

Track your KPI (Key Performance Indicators) with ease. Know that every penny you spend on marketing and public relations is working as hard as possible when you track critical business metrics using our Marketing And PR Scorecards.

Order our Marketing And Public Relations Scorecards today to effectively manage business metrics, streamline your marketing, and increase your bottom line.


The trial version contains trial versions of all scorecards included into the pack.

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If you would purchase all metrics separately, you would pay 2070$, the Marketing and PR in Business costs 700$, you save 1370$, e.g. 66.2%.

Marketing and PR in Business includes:

CRM Metrics: Customer Relationship, Product Knowledge Management, Customer Profitability, Customer Profiling, Customer Value, Customer Conversion, Customer Loyalty.

Marketing Metrics: Web Investment, Brand Evaluation, Presentation, Marketing, Direct Mail, Conference, Word of Mouth Marketing, Exhibitions.

Sales Metrics: Retail Sales, Sales, Hypermarket, Online Retail.

Advertising Metrics: Web Advertising, Press Advertising, TV Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Cinema Advertising, CD Advertising.

Business Intelligence Metrics: Competitor Analysis, Marketing Research, Benchmarking.

Online Business Metrics: Web Hosting, SEO, Website Design.

Customer Service Metrics: Call-Center, Help Desk, Interactive Voice Response, Call Center Outsourcing.