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This section includes useful information about how can people use Balanced Scorecard Designer for various purposes. You will find the description of basic features and popular solutions.

The most useful is a list of available metrics. These will give an idea on how to develop and implement metrics this will provide you with measure and control possibilities. There is also a whitepaper, Balanced Scorecard Design Toolkit, use it as a guide though metrics design process.

Basic features

Check BSC Designer homepage to check the description of Balanced Scorecard Designer and information about its features.


For MS Excel we have designed various metrics that will help to measure business performance. These metrics are available on the main page.


Benchmarking and performance management. Balanced Scorecard is a well-known concept, but what about KPI, what about benchmarking and performance management? All these concepts and methods refers to the metrics and values associated with them.


HR Metrics and Balanced Scorecard.

Human resource function has serious impact on general business performance. Learn how to measure and control HR performance.


Measure HR performance with HR metrics

HR metrics are a flexible tool that HR managers can use to measure the own performance, that CEOs can use to measure the performance of their HR department.


IT Security Metrics and Balanced Scorecard. How to implement a balanced security strategy in your company - use IT security metrics represented as a balanced scorecard.

BSC Metrics Implementation. Specialized BSC software provides a wide range of capabilities for successful implementation and maintenance of the Balanced Scorecard.  

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Balanced Scorecard transforms strategy into action. There are three important things you should know about Balanced Scorecard: It’s a concept (not a set of rules, tools or methods); It helps to connect your strategy with real action; It lets to describe companies’ strategy, vision and mission; 

Balanced Scorecard as a Life Strategy. A lot of companies succeeded owing to this strategy, but now the subject is a bit different: "If you could use “Balanced Scorecard” in your own life?". We consider how one could apply balanced scorecard principles to personal strategy. 

Strategy2Act creation history


Name Balanced Scorecard support software. Naming program is a difficult choice, you have to consider a lot of factors and decide what to choose. When thinking about Strategy2Act name we wanted it to associate with easy and simplicity and it's main idea - creating a relation between strategy and real action. 



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