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Balanced Scorecard Toolkit by AKS-Labs

Balanced Scorecard ToolkitThe Balanced Scorecard Toolkit is a set of documents designed to help develop, implement, use and evaluate Balanced Scorecard in the company to measure, control and improve performance. Check the information about toolkit parts below or purchase a full version.

The Balanced Scorecard Toolkit includes information on how to:

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Toolkit Document Document content
Balanced Scorecard Toolkit - PowerPoint Presentation

[77 slides. Formats: Adobe PDF + MS PowerPoint PPT]
  • What is Balanced Scorecard; Getting benefit of Balanced Scorecard;

  • Examining company; Building Balanced Scorecard; Implementing Balanced Scorecard;

  • Use Balanced Scorecard to improve business performance; Company after Balanced Scorecard;

Part1. Examine company before Balanced Scorecard Implementation

[41 slides. Formats: Adobe PDF + MS PowerPoint PPT]
  • Steps included in examination of company before balanced scorecard implementation.

  • The SWOT Analysis. Vision statement and corporate values analysis; Financial Analysis. Expertise level analysis.

  • Checklists, Frequently Asked Questions, Case Study

Part2. Building Balanced Scorecard

[31 slides. Formats: Adobe PDF + MS PowerPoint PPT]
  • Building a balanced scorecard to measure, control and improve company performance. Steps in Building a Balanced Scorecard.

  • Process 1. Strategy formulation. Process 2. Deciphering process improvements from organizational strategies by linking the two. Process 3. Deciding for the measurements and Targets.

  • FAQs and Case Study - building balanced scorecard

Part3. Implementing Balanced Scorecard
[36 slides. Formats: Adobe PDF + MS PowerPoint PPT]
  • How to implementing Balanced Scorecard into business processes

  • Steps of Balanced Scorecard Implementation process: Technical Implementation, Organizational Integration, Technical Integration, Operation of the BSC system

  • FAQs and Case Study on balanced scorecard implementation

Part4. Testing Balanced Scorecard

[36 slides. Formats: Adobe PDF + MS PowerPoint PPT]
  • Testing the results of Balanced Scorecard Implementation. Introduction.

  • Preparations prior to initiating the testing phase. Determining the results of parameters of Balanced Scorecard. Updating the core elements of Balanced Scorecard.

  • FAQ and Case Study in the balanced scorecard testing phase

How to calculate performance indicators step-by-step

[3 pages. Formats: Adobe PDF]
  • Perspectives and Metrics;

  • Weights and Scores;

  • Calculations. Steps to calculate performance; Normalization and performance calculation;

Balanced Scorecard and Benchmarking

[65 slides. Formats: Adobe PDF + MS PowerPoint PPT]
  • Pitfalls to be avoided while benchmarking;

  • Using Balanced Scorecard for Benchmarking;

  • Benchmarking stages: Planning, Evaluation, Action, Revise;

  • Benchmarking and Balanced Scorecard: checklists, Case studies and FAQs;

Evaluation of approaches to devising Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

[44 pages. Formats: Adobe PDF]
  • Approaches and Uses of Key Performance Indicators;
  • Practical advice on constructing, integrating and reporting KPIs;
  • Integrating and Reporting KPIs;
  • Practical Examples of KPIs;

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