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Change Management measurement KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example Effective change management requires continual assessment of the potential change impact and the organization's willingness and ability to adopt the next wave of transformation.

Naturally, no change management program goes completely according to the plan: people tend to react in unexpected ways; areas of anticipated resistance may fall away; and the external environment may shift.

However, supported by solid decision-making processes and using the up-to-date information from the field, the change leaders usually make the adjustments necessary to maintain momentum and drive overall business results.

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The requirement or even the thought of bringing change or redesign processes at an organization, no matter how minor it is often creates 'frowning faces' and 'raised eyebrows'. However, equally true is the fact that changes keep occurring every now and then in various departments and divisions of firms. This is to say that amendments can neither be escaped nor denied.

The only passage that remains in such cases is to willingly accept the bitter reality of fluctuations and embrace those with all affection.

To talk of the nature of change, it can either be of 'planned nature' or fall in the 'sudden category'. In some cases, organizations follow this trend of changes just because they wish to be on safer side. In other words, to keep the workforce attentive and prepared for the amendments, they would keep introducing little changes so that when it gets 'compulsive', the resistance from employees is minimal.

Also, these can relate to any of the levels from 'operational', 'tactical' and 'strategic'.

Successful handling of fluctuations in work places is all about making clear and complete communication to people together with attaching benefits with the act. This would draw down the opposition and ensure that things go smoothly during a business process reengineering initiative.

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This is the actual scorecard with Change Management Performance Indicators and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: financial perspective, activity based costing (abc), customer perspective, internal processes perspective, cancellations, process exceptions, manager turnover, changes per process, project status, active projects.

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