Cinema Advertising Indicators for Marketing Scorecard

Cinema Advertising measurement KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example It is essential to make measurements prior to and after cinema advertising campaign as it will allow for more efficiency and expertise. However, for planning advertising campaign in cinemas and apart from the indicators mentioned (e.

g. percentage of target audience) it is good to additionally consider such issues as brand identity and product life stage and their relation to the choice of movies and cinemas.

It is especially vital for brand consumer goods. As to the providers of local services, they are able to make use of all the indicators suggested. However, they should not forget that even if cinema advertising is chosen as the main media for a particular campaign, some clients can be attracted by the door sign or come following the word of mouth.

Besides, these advertisers should pay special attention to the quality of a commercial shown. Otherwise, the campaign may produce some negative impact due to the under-quality production or poor sound or video.

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Many large corporates today use Cinema advertising to communicate with their target audience.

It is being brought as an effective media used by advertisers to declare the presence of their products or services in the prospective customer base. Studies prove that the chances of movie-goers buying the displayed product or subscribing to the advertised service when seen as part of big screen advertising is much higher than when seen on TV.

This has made Digital-in-cinema advertising to be considered a strong medium on grounds like 'attention grabbing' and 'likeability'.

However, an area where it lacks significantly is the fact that reach is limited to movie-goers. This flaw can be removed by incorporating this mode as one of the constituents of the media mix, rather than driving the whole marketing campaign on its shoulders.

There are a number of aspects involved in the concept of cinema advertising, some of these being 'choosing a suitable cinema advertiser', 'gauging the effectiveness of the medium' etc. Also concepts such as embedded marketing,in-show plugs and product placement in movies have often delivered remarkable results. Taking all these aspects together in a simultaneous manner is possible with a balanced scorecard in hand. One can put down the useful metrics on such a tool and follow those to dig out and correct the problems.

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Cinema Advertising Evaluation Balanced Scorecard Screenshots

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) dashboard indicates performance within each perspective and the total performance of .

This is the actual scorecard with Cinema Advertising Performance Indicators and performance indicators.

Metrics for Advertising Evaluation

This is the actual scorecard with Cinema Advertising Performance Indicators and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: cinema advertising, financial perspective, cpc (cost per thousand/ cost per contact), expenditures cinema /revenue (expenditures on advertising in cinema to revenue ratio), expenditures cinema /pn (expenditures on advertising in cinema to purchase number ratio), expenditures cinema / tr ratio (expenditures on advertising in cinema to store/site traffic ratio), cpc/cpr ratio (cost per contact to cost per inquiry ratio), growth and development perspective, sov cinema/competitors' sov cinema ratio (share of voice to competitors' share of voice ratio), nsuc-cin-ad/ngen-cin-ad ratio (number of successful cinema advertising campaigns to general number of cinema advertising campaigns held by the company), internal perspective, actual number of commercials shown/ number of commercials planned, budget allocated for advertising in cinema/ budget spent, percentage of cinema campaigns that fail to start/end in due time, number of hours allocated for copywriting and designing of a commercial for cinema/ number of hours actually spent on copywriting and designing of a commercial for cinema, customer perspective, awareness growth (%) following the ad campaign in cinema, store/site traffic growth (%) following the ad campaign in cinema, frequency of commercials shown / growth in number of inquiries ratio, ta/reach ratio for advertising in cinema (target audience to reach ratio) .

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