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Data Entry and Document Imaging scorecard KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example The success, of any process that is involved in Data Entry and Documentation tasks, is a function of characteristics like the time taken to get over with the job, cost which is incurred during the process and accuracy of the output.

One can easily stuff these features in the 'result' by framing indicators in the respective areas. Though parameters can be framed in any number of areas which the organization can suitably handle, four of these can be- Financial, Efficiency, Data Center and Data Configuration.

Financial Perspective can be obtained by measures like percentage decrease in costs owing to the automation, costs saving index, cost of CMDB software and Expenses: Revenue Ratio (before and after deploying data entry and document imaging procedures).

This group of indicators is to ensure that real 'monetary benefits' are realized. Efficiency can be had from percentage drop attained in time, paper usage, customer complaints, improvement in information availability and percentage decrease in deadline delays.

This perspective gives an overall knowledge about whether the replacement of paper scenario by electronic format has been successful or not. Data Configuration is to provide such an architecture that is in line with the pre-planned organizational objectives.

Indicators grouped under this category include mean time between CMDB reconciliation, average time on configuration of CMDB reconciliation, unresolved incidents ratio and % of duplicity detected.

Data Center Perspective can be had from number of servers in data center, power usage efficiency, successful restoration fraction, % of documents digitally archived and retrieving Potency.

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Data Entry and Document Imaging falls in the core IT field, where 'accuracy' and 'pace' are the foremost requirements of any task. This is one of the techniques employed in organizations for an apt content management solution. Management of content being an extremely demanding job when it comes to 'cautious' behavior, one cannot escape the reality that documentation of images and data are to be given the deserving heed.

Feeding data, images and statistical fodder in an exact manner is a job of high responsibility and trust. Therefore, security measures also have to be in place for minimizing the likelihood of errors. Moreover, employees who are handed over this act of making data entries and documenting images should be capable enough to discharge their duties in 'expected' and 'suitable' manner.

Therefore, looking at the use and role played by this act of entering data, it makes for a sure reason to structure a 'measurable' tracking tool. In this direction, one can design a balanced scorecard for data entry and document imaging jobs. The assessment made possible by the metrics engraved on this scorecard help a lot in identifying the 'correct problem'.

Considering that 'a rightly identified problem is almost like solving half the issue', introduction of such a strategy is a must. Crux of the matter is that image documentation and data entry jobs can be effectively accomplished by adopting the scorecard route.

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Data Entry and Document Imaging Estimation Balanced Scorecard Screenshots

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) dashboard indicates performance within each perspective and the total performance of .

This is the actual scorecard with Data Entry and Document Imaging Indicators and performance indicators.

Metrics for Business management Evaluation

This is the actual scorecard with Data Entry and Document Imaging Indicators and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: financial perspective, % decrease in costs due to automation, expenses: revenue ratio, cost savings index, cost of cmdb software, efficiency perspective, % drop experienced in time, % decrease in deadline delays, % decrease in paper consumption, % decrease in number of customer complaints, improvement in information availability, data configuration perspective, average time spent on configuration management database reconciliation (cmdb), mean time between cmdb reconciliation, un-resolved incidents ratio, % of duplicity detected, data center perspective, number of servers in data centers, power usage efficiency, retrieving potency, successful restorations fraction, % of documents digitally archived.

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