Handling Network Security by using measurable approach of KPIs

Securing a network is one of the top most priorities of any network administrator

It is all about ensuring that data is appropriately preserved in the database. Organizations often construct networks for exchange of information that varies in the level of their "sensitivity". This makes it necessary to ensure that suitable technological solutions have been installed for ensuring the "unauthorized" inflow and outflow of information.

This has to be done at any cost as putting locks on the "outlets" of such banks (a subset of the network) is required to prevent moving of the data to competitor"s desk that can play havoc to the success of the concerned organization for sure. There are two aspects to the concept of "Data Security"- not letting the "unwanted" information enter the data bank and preventing the movement of data components to "unapproved" sources.

One of the fundamental challenges in this subject relates to the very definition of the term "network security". An ideal approach is to "set clear boundaries of the area" together with the "level of security desired" so that solutions that are similar in "potential" and "investment" can be implemented. One of the ways is to structure a policy that contains norms and guidelines for the security aspect. All steps should be taken in the light of this set of rules.

Moving on, one should pay attention to the fact that all the possible routes by which intruders can enter a network are to be plugged with suitable mechanisms. The solutions can range from simple locking in the form of "password" to sophisticated answers like "installing firewalls" to look after the "inlets" and "outlets" of information pieces.

The bugs and viruses that can attack a given network are in some cases specific to it. So, appropriate measures to keep the network from getting affected by these should be adopted. Technological solutions in the form of software packages are available in the market. Further, up-gradations in the system should be done on timely basis for protecting the network against the upcoming viruses and bugs. One can cover these aspects in measurable terms to ensure that uniform approach is embraced and followed for the subject. The aspects that can help are- Security Measures structure, Internal Operations, Network structure and Mechanisms Performance.

The indicators for having Security measures Structure are- Number of security monitoring and auditing tools, OS- specific security equipments, Intrusion Detection Status and Authentication Tools" potency. The Internal Operations perspective can be assessed with KPIs "Security Policy Compliance", "Network Coverage ratio", "Updates Frequency" and "Devices and equipment investment". Moving on, Network Structure can be evaluated with metrics such as "Node synchronization degree", "Password Frequency change", "SUS Potential" and "Frequency of Security Tests". Finally, the "Drop in Data Leakage Instances", "Feedback Degree", "Pre: Post security mechanisms scenario" and "security awareness ratio" can be used for Mechanisms Performance Perspective. Adopting such a methodology makes it possible to construct a secure network for exchange of information.

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