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How To Implement KPIs Into Your Business System Or Balanced Scorecard

Implement Key Performanc Indicators in your business

Balanced Scorecard is a popular performance management system. You may be using it or something similar in your company. One of the key parts of the Balanced Scorecard are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • How can you start integrating KPIs into your Balanced Scorecard?

This article will be useful for our customers as well as for these who design KPIs on their own.

Build Balanced Scorecard with BSC Designer:

If you have ever bought any KPI from you have noticed that each KPI is delivered as an Excel file and as a BSC file. As you know a BSC file is a project file of BSC Designer and you have several options to use it.

Windows Desktop:

The most popular option was to open BSC file with one of the desktop editions of BSC Designer. There are editions for any budget and requirement.

  • Freeware edition provides basic KPI functionality and is a great choice if you need just to view and edit KPIs in your Balanced Scorecard.
  • Standard and PRO editions provide all possible Balanced Scorecard functions, including strategy maps and cascading.

Mobile Balanced Scorecard:

There is an edition for mobile platforms as well. If you have a device that is running under Android OS - your smart phone, tablet, or even smart TV, you can visit the Google Play shop and install BSC Designer Android.

Web Based Balanced Scorecard:

The most intriguing is the web based edition of BSC Designer. With BSC Designer Online you don't face all the hustle around installation and updating of the software. The only thing you need is to sign up with a 30 day trial account on and enjoy the benefits of having your Balanced Scorecard in the cloud.

What Balanced Scorecard Tool Should I Choose?

What exactly you need to choose depends on your plans for using KPI from or any other KPI.

  • You already have BSC in your company. If you already have some Balanced Scorecard software and have bought KPIs in order to find some new KPIs relevant to your business, then there is no need to invest in additional BSC software. However, we highly recommend you to have a look at screenshots or trial version. We produce high quality pieces of software and one day you might need it.
  • Share scorecard: If you plan to use the scorecard in a team, share it with your clients or colleagues, then BSC Designer Online is a must have choice. Normally, it is accompanied with desktop version.
  • Strategy maps: If you plan serious work with your scorecard that will involve strategy maps, then your best choice will be BSC Designer PRO.

In most cases people prefer to have access to their data online. Below we will review steps to import your KPIs into BSC Designer Online.

Steps To Put Your KPI In BSC Designer Online:

As our world is moving towards having everything in the cloud, the web based version of BSC Designer is a good choice for anyone.

Let me show how you can import your KPIs into the BSC Designer Online:

  1. I suppose that you have purchased one of my KPIs from, so inside the delivered archive you will find BSC file.
  2. Sign up with a BSC Designer Online account. You will have 30 days to try it for free. We don't ask for credit cards details when you are registering, so there are no tricks or hidden fees.
  3. Once you log in, you will see the "Upload Project" button. Click it and select the file that you want to import into your account.

In a few seconds the file will be imported and you can enjoy having your Balanced Scorecard project online.

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