HR Scorecard Metrics - measure and improve HR performance

If you are in HR industry then you know how it is important to measure and control the performance of people who are working for you. It's important to measure all aspects of HR, including hiring, management, training and other.

The Balanced Scorecard approach is a great way to take a control over the HR performance management. This concept have different names, some call it KPI - key performance indicators or key performance indexes. Also, the concept of group"s indicators also called "metrics". It doesn't matter what is the name of the concept, the trust is that it works and help to manage business in a better way.

What do Balanced Scorecard suggest for HR professional" First, this concept tells to think about HR from the view point of different people. From the viewpoint of financial specialist, from the view point of customer manager from view point of training and hire manager. Second, this concept tells us to use metrics to measure the performance, the better metrics we have the better result we will get.

The Balanced Scorecard concept is great, if some real-life tools stands behind it. Actually, there are some tools that helps in designing Balanced Scorecard metrics.

The HR Scorecard Metrics web-sites focuses on the principle - "keep it simple". Why invent billion dollars measurement systems" Why pay expensive consultants when you can do everything with a help of your own managers.

HR Scorecard Metrics resource collects useful information about measurement of performance in HR industry, and it suggest some ready to use packs of metrics. That is a good point where you can start when designing your own indicators.

To make a shopping experience more pleasant the web-site suggests downloading trial version of the metrics before purchasing, if you like it you can purchase metrics and have more options, such as metrics editable in Balanced Scorecard Designer software.

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