Intrusion Prevention Balanced Scorecard for Security Specialist

Intrusion Prevention Balanced Scorecard KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example KPIs in Intrusion Detection and Prevention'Security' occupies an important place in any individual's life, be it security in terms of authority at a workplace or assuring a kid that the birth of his sibling will not lead to division of 'his share of parents' affection'.

However, the subject assumes an altogether new meaning when it comes to finding substantial security solutions for residential and commercial places. One can carry out the whole process efficiently by framing the requirements in terms of indicators.

The aspects that 'count' in this regard are- 'Functional Perspective', 'Selection Criteria Perspective', 'Operational and Results Perspective' and 'System Assessment Perspective'.

Selection Criteria can be attained via the indicators- Reliability Ratio, Interoperability Ratio, Compatibility Index and Scalability Index.The parameters to be clubbed under 'Functional Perspective' are- Response Time, Drop in -Frequency of Attacks-, Functions- Fulfilling Ratio and -Accuracy of Alerts- Ratio.

Operational and Results Perspective can be attained with indicators- Integration Degree, Pre-set aims meeting ratio, Number of technologies Deployed and Cost: Benefit ratio.

Lastly, System Assessment perspective can be had with metrics like- Up-grading frequency, Interface- Friendliness Index, Service Grade and Success Ratio.

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To make one's place safe to live in requires installation of related and suitable security solutions. This is to keep the chances of intrusion at check. In other words, to avert barging one needs to choose an appropriate solution for the task.

There are a large number of technologies and software available in the market for averting the intrusion instances. Selecting the one that suits you out of the lot can be effectively done by setting some criteria for coming up with the most apt answer.

Such issues are to be effectively tackled in case of both commercial and residential places as risks of being invaded stand equally. Therefore, to give the place a protective envelope, one should pay deserving attention to the subject nevertheless it might fall heavy in later times.

One such strategy to monitor the process of invasion prevention is Balanced Scorecard. One can put several the useful metrics on it along with the 'target' values. Further, whenever needed, 'comparison' and 'correction' can be undertaken. This calculative mode of working gives the methodology trust and reliability. This in turn forms a significant reason for the BSC thought getting adopted in a number of organizations.

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Intrusion Prevention Estimation Balanced Scorecard Screenshots

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) dashboard indicates performance within each perspective and the total performance of .

This is the actual scorecard with Intrusion Prevention Indicators and performance indicators.

Metrics for Security Estimation

This is the actual scorecard with Intrusion Prevention Indicators and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: selection criteria perspective, reliability ratio, scalability index, interoperability ratio, compatibility index, functional perspective, response time, fraction of events in which action was taken within the claimed timeframe, drop in frequency of attacks, accuracy of alerts ratio, functions fulfilling ratio, operational and results perspective, number of technologies deployed, integration degree, pre-set aims meeting ratio, cost: benefit ratio, system assessment perspective, success ratio, up-grading frequency, service grade, interface- friendliness index.

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