About KPI Library

Strategy2Act is a resource dedicated to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. In simple words, indicators are numbers that allow us to understand our business better.

Some indicators called Key Performance Indicators will give an even better understanding of our business.

Keeping an eye on KPIs is important, but what is even more important is that business owners should know which KPIs matter and which ones don't.

Balanced Scorecard

The definition and ideas about Balanced Scorecard does not matter right now. It is important that Balanced Scorecard normally contains 12 to 15 KPIs that are designed specifically for this business.

How Strategy2act helps

At Strategy2act.com, you will find some ready-to-use Balanced Scorecards with KPIs. These scorecards will help you to start your own Balanced Scorecard project from scratch. You will be able to optimize these indicators according to needs of your business.

How Strategy2act works

First, find KPIs that you need and then download into a format of Excel or BSC Designer and start using them to make them more suitable for your business!