Vertical Business Scorecards

Do you have a way of effectively monitoring critical business metrics when it comes to knowing which business verticals are performing well for your company?

Monitoring business verticals used to be complicated and time consuming, and while most businesses realize the importance of closely monitoring different verticals, they simply lacked the time and resources to do so.

That's why we've created our Business Vertical Scorecards. They allow you to easily and effectively monitor how your business is performing in different verticals, so you can streamline your business for maximum profitability.

Understanding critical metrics and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) is easy with our Business Vertical Scorecards.

You'll know exactly what verticals are doing well, and what verticals could use improvement. This information allows you to run your business at maximum efficiency, which ultimate leads to a better bottom line for your business.

Start monitoring critical business metrics and get a better understanding of how you're performing in different business verticals starting today.


The trial version contains trial versions of all scorecards included into the pack.

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If you would purchase all metrics separately, you would pay 5100$, the Vertical Business Scorecards costs 999$, you save 4101$, e.g. 80.4%.

Vertical Business Scorecards includes:

Social Metrics: Social Responsibility, Social Security, Unemployment.

Computer Networks Metrics: Network Management, Network Security, ITIL Asset Management.

Leisure and Recreation Metrics: Ski Resort, Tennis Club, Sport Gym, Golf Club, Yacht and Sailing Club, Swimming Pool.

Publishing Metrics: Publishing, E- Publishing.

Security Metrics: Identity Theft Risks, Security and Privacy, IT Security, Data Leakage, Intrusion Prevention.

Transportation Metrics: Supply Chain, Transportation, Inventory and Warehousing, Logistics, Custom Office, Travel Agency, Procurement.

Real Estate Metrics: Real Estate, Property Investment, Facility Management, Hotel Management, Office Maintenance, Real Estate Agency.

Energy Metrics: Oil Production, Gas Production, Electricity Production, Alternate Energy Sources, Electricity Delivery, Gas Station, Biofuel Production.

Medical Metrics: Medical, Health Insurance, Health care facilities, Dental Practice.

Legal Metrics: Law Department, Litigation, Intellectual Property.

Airlines Metrics: Airlines, Airport, Crew Management, Airline Ticketing and Reservation, Airport safety.

Insurance Metrics: Insurance Claims, Insurance Sales.

Food Service Metrics: Restaurant, Cafe, Winery.

Software Development Metrics: Web Application Testing, Functional Software Testing, Software Design, Programming.

Mass media Metrics: Television Station, Radio Station, Newspaper Management, Web Blog.

Metallurgy Metrics: Steel Making, Aluminum Production.

Ecology Protection Metrics: Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Recycling, Global Warming.

Car Business Metrics: Car Renting, Car Sales, Car Manufacturing, Car Insurance, Car Safety, Auto Repair Workshop, Auto Wash.

City Services Metrics: Police Services, Firefighter Service, Court Management, Emergency and Ambulance.

Culture Metrics: Museum Management, Theatre Management.

Personal Health Metrics: Personal Health, Weight Loss.