Minimizing the misses at Golf Course by using BSC

It is often said that a successful golfer has the right "Golf Club behind" him

This statement thrusts the difference a Golf Club can make to the "competitive position" of a player. Therefore, the set of responsibilities to provide a suitable Golf Club falls on the shoulders of the manager or owner of the place. The very basic structure of a Golf Course can be the reason for setting it apart from other competing clubs. In other words, the kind of holes that are to be won and the terrain of the place are reason enough to make a particular Golf Club experience considerable hike in "number of memberships" it has accumulated. Details of the subject reveal that in some cases, the health of the golfer can also be tested by the crests and troughs of the Golf Course. Drawing from this, one gets to know that building of an apt Golf Course is a challenging task and asks for professional help to be given a "perfect shape".

Moving ahead, the facilities embedded inside the place and the proximity it enjoys to other amenities outside it are other areas that demand attention. Often these places have rooms with video cameras attached to software in Laptops for giving a logical and scientific way to understand the technicalities of "swinging the ball right". Such equipments lay bare the dynamics that work behind the "hits" and "misses" of the ball.

Further, the "high quality" of training sessions and instructors that are made available can also provide a sufficient reason for both "adding" to the member base and "compelling" the existing ones to make more visits to the Club. This change is visible in the "revenues collected" by the club management group of the club.

After gaining an insight into the "troubles" that stand in the path of managing and operating a Golf Club, the solution has to be found. One of the ways is to opt for a "performance management tool" called BSC i.e. Balanced Scorecard. This says that by putting the necessary domains in the form of metrics, one can set the stage for creating a "world class Golf Club".

This concept rests on the finding that judging a process solely by the financial aspect is like "seeing an incomplete picture". This paved the way for introduction of other areas into the subject. When it comes to managing a Golf Club, the indicators to be assigned values and followed regularly are- Financial Perspective, Infrastructure Perspective, Club"s facility Structure and Performance Perspective.

Financial assessment can be done with KPIs such as "Average Return", "Average membership fee", "Maintenance expenses" and "Equipment Acquiring: Revenues".Club"s Facility Perspective can be attained using parameters like "Facility" grading of the club", "Number of Instructors", "Instructors" Quality" and "Technical Equipping". Further, metrics like "Number of events held yearly", "Square foot area of the clubhouse", "Layout Attractiveness" and "Players capacity" are useful for having the Infrastructure Perspective. Finally, Performance Perspective can measured using metrics such as "Yearly increase in number of memberships", "Revenue rise", "Improvement in customers" view" and "Percentage drop in non-availability".

Choosing the KPI route enables a consistent tracking of performance. However, the note of caution here is to "spot the right indicator". An honest filtering has to be done for this purpose. The principle behind BSC "everything that can be countable is not worth counting and everything that is worth counting is not countable" serves as the "sieve" for this task.