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Why do business professionals choose ready-to-use KPIs?

Why choose ready-to-use KPIsWe are providing ready-to-use KPIs to business professionals from almost all business niches and there are certain questions that people ask before choosing KPIs from the Strategy2Act library. I'd like to review these questions and any that you might have.

Can a business professional research KPIs on his own?

They say "If you want it done right do it yourself". I like this approach and sometimes it works, but lets review the case of KPIs.

  • KPIs from the Strategy2Act library were designed by professional business consultants. Their job is to help companies to measure and improve business performance. They have invested their knowledge into these KPIs.

On the other hand:

  • You are focused on your business and you don't have time to visit all these business conferences and training, read thousands of book about business performance measurement and kpi.

Designing winning KPIs is a time consuming task. I don't say that you won't be able to design winning KPIs yourself, but what is obvious to me is that you will achieve better results if you will have a niche specific example to follow.

How do I Avoid typical problems with KPIs?

KPIs have their own "kid diseases". The most common is when employees start to game with measures trying to show better performance than it actually is.

There are other times when KPIs are not really liked to business critical results.

I'm sure that you have enough patience to go through the process of KPI update, design, test, and revision but do you actually want to do and fix all of these mistakes in your own business? That's why most professionals prefer to buy KPIs that are already tested and are known as a good choice for the specific niche.

  • A piece of advice: if you still want to start a KPI project on your own we recommend you to use KPI Best Practice Tookit. By the way, you can choose both - buy ready-to-use KPI from and invest in your education by buying the KPI Best Practice Toolkit. In this case you'll have a discount.

Is ready-to-use KPI applicable in my niche?

Actually on you can find KPIs for almost any business niche and business problem. Managers from various businesses find KPIs to be a useful addition to their current performance measurement projects.

On you will find KPIs for:

  • business verticals, such as aviation or steel production

and for

  • general business tasks, such as HR, sales or marketing.

Is KPIs' price affordable?

The average price of the KPI set is $60. Someone might say that it is inexpensive, some one might say that we are crazy selling such a valuable product for such a low price.

  • But the right question is:How much is your time worth? How many hours you will save by investing in the ready-to-use KPIs?

More over, as explained above, the complexity involved in KPI design won't allow you to create good working KPIs from scratch, even if you invest hours in research.

  • What has value here is that these KPIs are tested and will most likely fit your business with just a little adjustment.

Can KPIs can be easily integrated in any business environment?

KPIs from are delivered in a form of archive that contain Excel file and BSC project file.

  • Excel spreadsheet is a quick means to integrate KPIs in your business system.
  • BSC project file is a starting point for your professional balanced scorecard with abilities to visualize data, create appealing reports and provide team work

We always recommend to our customers to start with free editions of BSC Designer software and import KPIs there, as these professional tools will save you hours and eliminate unnecessary routines.

Learn more about implementation of KPIs from

How can KPIs make the difference to the business?

Lets summarize all the benefits of using professionally designed KPIs in your business.

  • Correctly designed KPIs are a great choice to align your actions with your business goals. Instead of doing something just because you have to, your team will have a clear understanding of what they are doing and why.
  • KPIs will be your warning signals for both problems and opportunities. If something is wrong the value of the KPI will show you this. If some of your resources will not be used then KPI will show you that.
  • Setting and controlling the achievement of business goals is more transparent when KPIs are introduced. Instead of moving ahead blindly, you will be able to see if you are on the right track.
  • Correctly designed KPIs prevent gambling with work performance. Your employees won't be able to imitate job activity just to get a bonus. With business goals adjusted to KPIs you will have a control of what you are doing.

Buying KPIs according to your needs:

We have talked about various benefits that you will have if you will buy ready-to-use KPIs.

  • Now, it is time to act.

I'm not referring only to buying one of the KPIs from What is more important is that you will start designing and implementing KPIs in your business.

Even if you start on your own, remember to come back when you need a good example to follow or when your business required ready-to-use KPIs.

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