Balanced Scorecard with Researched KPIs for E-publisher

E- Publishing KPI KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example e-Publishing has made rapid strides in last few years and today it stands at a point where it is on the verge of outshining the traditional publishing world. Being a vertical which is growing at an incredible speed, it requires careful performance management to tailor the growth in a manner that offers profitability and sustained revenues and KPIs can be used to achieve the same.

The KPIs for e-publishing can be broadly categorised under the four specific factor namely Financial perspective, Online Reach, Content Delivery & Customer Service Perspective and Online Subscription value perspective.

The indicators covered under the Financial Perspective include- increase in online subscription, revenue share, operational profit percentage, Investment in technology & research.

Next we move to Online Reach which is measured on the basis of ratio of publication that is available online, number of publication added online occasionally, online subscriber base ratio, and number of regional portal.

Another important parameter is Content Delivery & Customer Service Perspective, which includes - number of modes available to have access of the document, user interfaces that are available, the ease of accessibility, & average time to respond to any customer ticket.

Last but not the least another important parameter is online subscription value perspective. This includes average subscription time, minimizing cancellation rate, re-subscription rate, users with multiple subscription rate.

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E- Publishing Estimation Balanced Scoreboard Screenshots

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) dashboard indicates performance within each perspective and the total performance of .

This is the actual scorecard with E- Publishing Performance Indicators and performance indicators.

Metrics for Mass media Evaluation

This is the actual scorecard with E- Publishing Performance Indicators and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: financial and growth perspective, increase in online subscribers, revenue share, operational profit percentage, investment in technology and research, online reach, ratio of publications availaible online, number of publications added online, online subcriber base ratio, legal aspects handling, number of cases registered so far, efforts scaling, drop observed, loss due to negative publicity, online subscription value perspective, average subscription time, cancelation rate, resubcription rate, users with multiple subcriptions.

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