Medical Estimation Balanced Scorecard metrics template for Excel

Medical Balanced Scorecard Metrics Template

Medical scorecard KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example

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The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) dashboard indicates performance within each perspective and the total performance of Medical.

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KPIs are designed to carefully evaluate performance of an organization and often this performance is measured relative to the industry it is in. A close look at the KPIs for Medical Industry will lead to major areas like Clinical, Patient Services and Satisfaction, Financial, Emergency services etc.

The clinical indicators include KPIs to evaluate clinical negligence, readmission time after discharge etc. These indicators are mainly designed to evaluate the quality of service rendered at medical facilities.

Next we come across indicators for Patient services and Satisfaction. They include amongst others Patient satisfaction ratings, prompt access to services, patient complaint resolved.

Each of these KPIs have a significant affect on the reputation of the organization as they a long way in building its credibility.

Next set of KPIs cover aspects related to Emergency and Accident services.

Such indicators are responsible in evaluating the capacity of the organization to deal with situations and trauma related cases. These include evaluating parameters related to A&E cases triaged, trolley waits etc.

This apart there are also KPIs to evaluate Hospital Hygiene, Financial Performance, Accreditations and whole range of other aspects These indicators basically tend to judge overall performance of the organization are very critical to its continuing success.


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What are benefits of Medical metric:

  • An easy way to manage health care facilities in terms of finance, development, operations, relationships with patients etc.
  • Regular evaluation of these KPIs will lead to improvement in medical services (medical negligence rate, death within 1 month after surgery etc.)
  • Medical kpis can be used to assess patients' satisfaction with provided services.
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Medical Estimation Balanced Scorecard is distributed as an Excel file. Before purchase download a trial version of the scorecard. Immediately after purchase you will have a link to download Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Excel file and file in BSC Designer format.

More ideas on using Medical KPI:

A balanced scorecard to analyze the progress of a medical facility enables the users know strengths and weaknesses of the place. Further, this information can be used for 're-adjusting' the operations and processes.

On the whole, it goes a long way in helping to focus the resources (time and money) so as to come up with better results and outputs.

To have maximum benefit from it, one really needs to pay attention to the selection of metrics to be collected on it. This is to say that a detailed study has to be carried out to know the factors that impact growth prospects of this field. Further, these can be re-constructed in the form of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that enable calculation and therefore, correction of deviations.

Medical facilities are some of the organizations that are required to remarkable fast and precise in the way they operate. Therefore, analyzing the aspects involved is a task that must be done. Also, this is not a 'one-time' event as regular checks are needed to prevent things from going 'out of place'. Right from ensuring consistent and sufficient amount of medicines' stocks and equipments' presence to nursing requirements (health care practices), all can be 'measurably' taken care of by using BSC.

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Medical Estimation Balanced Scorecard Screenshots

This is the actual scorecard with Medical Dashboard and performance indicators.

Metrics for Medical Estimation. This is the actual scorecard with Medical Dashboard and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: clinical,death within 1 month of surgery,readmission to hospital within a month of discharge,accident and emergency services,trolley waits,patients waiting for over 3 hours,a&e cases discharged within 3 hours,patient services and satisfaction,patients complaints resolved,patient satisfaction ratings,prompt access by patients,others,hospital hygiene,initiatives to improve work life,accreditations.

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