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Non-Profit Balanced Scorecard Metrics Template

Non-Profit scorecard KPI - Balanced Scorecard metrics template example

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A lack of pre-defined framework for managing the performance of a Non-Profit organization is a major hurdle that often halts their momentum in achieving specific goals and objectives.

Many non-profit organizations are turning their sights towards KPI framework in order to move on to their path of social development effectively and efficiently.

KPIs in Non-Profit Organizations can be broadly categorized under four major perspectives-financial perspective, customer perspective, process perspective and learning and growth perspective.

Financial Perspective takes into consideration KPIs in the form of % increase in cash flows, % decrease in cost per service offered, % increase in contributions made and average gift amount.

This perspective helps in having a financial outlook of the NPO-s.

Customer Perspective includes indicators such as collection rates, average collection time, % increase in number of clients serviced per hour and % decrease in number of customer complaints.

Process Perspective provides a view of the internal and external processes related to the NPO-s. It comprises of KPIs such as % increase in productivity, % decrease in average time to process to grant application, average time to receive planned gift and % decrease in delivery delays.

Learning and Growth Perspective consists of KPIs like employee turnover, number of training sessions, % decrease in absenteeism rate and certification levels.

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What are benefits of Non-Profit metric:

  • Non-profit sector requires evaluation of all of the BSC perspectives, although public organizations rarely have financial goals. Increase of funding or cash flow are typical examples of kpis in the financial category.
  • Employee turnover and number of training sessions will help improve professionalism or personnel and HR approaches in the company.
  • Of course, increase in productivity is to be regularly measured.
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More ideas on using Non-Profit KPI:

Non-Profit organizations are involved in providing services to public without the characteristic 'monetary aims' being in the picture. Some of the examples of these organizations can be trade unions, public arts organizations and charities.

These groups do not provide the surplus funds to shareholders or owners but puts those to take their purpose forward. Major chunk of funds go into providing appropriate leadership and management personnel. A number of both 'government' and 'non-government' organizations confirm to this definition of NPOs.

Management of these organizations move almost through a similar set of difficulties as is faced by other organizations. This makes it mandatory to employ a performance tracking device to be brought into picture. BSC (Balanced Scorecard) has frequently been used for taking these 'measurable' ambitions ahead. One can utilize this tool by putting together the indicators that 'matter'. By making sure that values remain within the range prescribed, managers can be assured of moving on a calculative and statistical route. This further simplifies the job of making decisions and conclusions. Also, dispersion of information takes an altogether 'new' and 'better' meaning post the implementation of this management instrument.

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Non-Profit Evaluation Balanced Scoreboard Screenshots

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) dashboard indicates performance within each perspective and the total performance of Business.

This is the actual scorecard with Non-Profit Indicators and performance indicators.

Metrics for Business management Evaluation. This is the actual scorecard with Non-Profit Indicators and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: financial perspective,% increase in cash flows,% decrease in cost per service offered,% increase in contributions made,average gift amount,customer perspective,collection rates,average collection time,% increase in number of clients serviced per hour,% decrease in number of customer complaints,process perspective,% increase in productivity,% decrease in average time to process to grant application,average time to receive planned gift,% decrease in delivery delays,learning and growth perspective,employee turnover,number of training sessions,% decrease in absenteeism rate,certification levels.

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