Marketing Balanced Scorecard Metrics Pack

Scorecards from marketing category focus on various marketing-related issues, starting efficiency of personal to brand evaluation problems. “Marketing” scorecard gives a general view over marketing processes in the company. It suggest some common marketing efficiency indicators that could be applied to measure and improve almost any marketing-related process.

The “Presentation Scorecard” helps to measure and improve efficiency of public presentation, giving presentation author measurable indicators on what should be controlled and improved. As presentation is one of the basic marketing tools, it is important to check its efficiency.

“Web Investment” scorecard help to estimate web-site’s marketing appealing. It helps to measure the market position of the web-site. Owners of web-sites can estimate the value of their sale machines. Future buyers could estimate, if it worth investing in the web-site from the marketing viewpoint.

“Brand Evaluation” balanced scorecard allows to measure and control brand and branding performance. Brand is not something that only big companies should think about. Actually, any product with it unique name and branding appearance can be measured in terms of brand efficiency.

The pack includes 8 Marketing metrics:

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